Tailored for individuals who either want a quick start to address specific goals or who prefer a brief trial period before committing to longer-term coaching. This is also suitable for clients who need targeted support to overcome a particular challenge.

Customizable Follow-Up Sessions:

The frequency and focus of follow-up sessions can be adjusted based on your progress, needs, and how independently you can manage and sustain new health behaviours.

By offering flexible program options and detailed, actionable steps at each stage of the coaching process, the approach ensures that you receive the necessary guidance and support tailored specifically to your unique health and wellness journey.

An example of clients who need targeted support to overcome a particular challenge.

Example Client: Emily

Background: Emily is a 35-year-old marketing manager in a busy corporate environment. Over the last year, she has noticed a gradual increase in her weight, primarily due to long working hours at work and frequent reliance on takeout meals. Additionally, the stress from her job has led to poor sleep patterns and a lack of consistent exercise. With her sister’s wedding coming up in two months, Emily is motivated to improve her appearance and overall health but feels overwhelmed about where to begin.

Specific Challenge: Emily’s immediate challenge is to kickstart a healthier lifestyle that she can maintain despite her demanding job. She has a specific weight loss goal in mind but needs help in developing a practical and sustainable plan to achieve it.

4-Week Short Program Approach:

Week 1: Assessment and Planning
  • Initial Consultation: Review Emily’s current eating habits, physical activity levels, and work-life balance. Discuss her health goals, particularly focusing on weight loss and stress management.
  • Goal Setting: Set a realistic weight loss goal for the next month, along with foundational steps toward long-term stress management.
  • Action Plan: Introduce simple dietary changes and a flexible 15-minute home exercise routine that fits her schedule.
Week 2: Implementation and Adjustment
  • Follow-up Session: Assess Emily’s progress on the diet and exercise plan. Address any challenges she’s facing, such as adjusting to new food choices or finding time for exercise.
  • Modify Plan: Make small adjustments based on Emily’s feedback—perhaps incorporating meal prep to avoid takeout and scheduling workouts in her calendar as non-negotiable appointments.
Week 3: Deepening the Habits
  • Second Follow-Up Session: Review the effectiveness of the meal prep strategy and consistency of workout routines. Explore ways to enhance sleep quality.
  • Enhance Plan: Introduce a short evening routine to improve sleep hygiene, including limiting screen time and creating a wind-down period.
Week 4: Preparation for Independent Continuation
  • Final Review Session: Evaluate Emily’s progress towards her weight loss goal and improvements in managing stress and sleep.
  • Long-Term Planning: Discuss strategies to maintain these new habits and how to cope with potential setbacks. Set preliminary goals for the next two months.

Outcome: Emily completes the 4-week program with a better understanding of how to manage her diet, exercise, and stress. She feels confident about continuing these practices on her own and is equipped with strategies to maintain her new lifestyle changes. The program helps her kickstart her weight loss journey and prepares her for her sister’s upcoming wedding, while also setting a foundation for sustained health improvements.

This example showcases how the 4-Week Short Program can provide targeted support tailored to a client’s specific needs, helping them overcome immediate challenges and paving the way for long-term wellness success.

Cost: $265

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