Healthy Breakfast

A Healthy breakfast consists of a meal that should sustain you for at least 3 to 4 hours during the day. I have often underestimated the power of a nutritious meal. Think about it this way say you fill a car with the wrong type of fuel, the car will underperform or even die and never to work again sometimes you have to undo all the parts to clean them so it can start working again. But that is a car we cannot do the same to a human body, once the damage is done it is detrimental.

Trying to reverse it will cause other problems that is why people end up with chronic disease. It is all mostly fueling our bodies with the wrong fuel that makes our bodies underperform or fail to perform to its maximum capacity.

Avocado and Tomato Open Sandwich

Eat lots of fresh and raw food to keep your gut healthy. Take simple steps to boost your metabolism. A healthy breakfast improves your brain function, physical fitness, and agility. So go for it and see for yourself.

Mushroo and Capsicum Omelette
 What do all these meals have in common? NUTRITION!! Yes, you got it right,  If your meal is not nutritious what’s the point of eating. Give your body what it needs and you are good to go.



If you still consider this as your breakfast, you might as well consider yourself as dead. I have to be honest with you any meal that will not satisfy hunger and it is a recipe for disaster. Think of it this way it is a bun and a chocolate it is sugar and more sugar. That is it!!!

Chocolate Muffin
This is something some people out there consider to be a healthy breakfast. If you are reading this I hope you are not one of them or you are taking real steps to change your meal ideas and the impact it has on your health. Seriously when did chocolate and muffin become nutritious? Eating healthy takes a lot more effort than this!! Eat fresh food, not dead food.

I honestly hope that people take little steps into changing their eating habits in terms of the way we view food not just as a meal but a vehicle of fuel to the body.

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