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Farro and Roasted Cauliflower

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2 Cups Farro Precook to assemble
Medium Cauliflower Sliced into small pieces
1 Large Avocado Sliced
250 g Feta Cheese Diced
3 handfuls Mixed Salad leaves
½ Cup Green/brown Lentils Precooked
Salt and Pepper to taste
½ Tsp Italian Spice

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Farro and Roasted Cauliflower


    This farro bowl is full of delicious goodness. It is on of those meal your just take your time to make and enjoy a full nutritious meal.

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    Farro is a ancient grain from Middle East. It is apparently 3 grains in one mainly related to spelt. It is nutty, chewy, and slightly sweet just perfect for this dish. However it is not gluten free just beware if you are gluten intolerant, You can substitute with other gluten free grains such as brown rice, quinoa, wild rice, buckwheat etc



    The cooking steps are easy if you precook the farro and lentils ahead of time. You will also need to roast the cauliflower with a bit of olive oil and Italian spice for 15 - 20 minutes and set aside. Farro cooks for about 40minutes on medium heat and cook lentils for about 10 minutes and mix the 2 ingredients together when cooked. Set the farro and lentil mix aside to cool and then mix in the olives and the fetta.


    The idea is to assemble this meal together into nutritious a bowl. Lay the mixed green salad leaves, followed by the roast cauliflower, then add the farro mix on top. Serve with sliced avocado and enjoy. You can squeeze lemon juice and oil on top for more flavour.


    My name is Angie, and welcome to my Blog! I love to cook and stay healthy and want to share that passion with you. Here you will find many delicious and healthy options recipes that are mainly plant-based and easy to make for everyone on many occasions.

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    Hi Angie, I’ve honestly never heard of Farro before. I am not vegetarian or vegan but I do think about learning more recipes that don’t use meat.

    Something like this that is quite grainy I would definitely like to try. on the BBC website the other week there was an article about how healthy healthy whole grains are so yes something like this I think is very intriguing.

    Also, had a quick look around your website – you have done an amazing job.

    Best regards;


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