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Roast Balsamic Mushrooms

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Adjust Servings:
2 Cups Mushrooms Cut in halves or whole
2 large Cloves garlic grated
¼ Cup Balsamic glaze
2 Tbsp Coco aminos
Spring Onions For garnish

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Roast Balsamic Mushrooms


      These Balsamic roast mushroom are so exquisite and elegant. If you are a mushroom lover you will thoroughly enjoy these. They so full of flavour and easy to make.

      • 20
      • Serves 4
      • Medium




      Mushrooms are a great accompaniment to main dishes



      Slice mushrooms in halves and set aside. Mix balsamic glaze, garlic and coco aminos in a a bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste.


      In a sauce pan drizzle some olive oil and stir in the mushrooms before the oil heats up. Stir in the mushrooms and immediately add 2 tablespoons of the garlic sauce. Keep stirring and adding the garlic sauce little by little until the mushrooms starts to brown and caramelise. This process will take 4 to 5 minutes until the mushrooms are cooked.


      Garnish with spring onions and serve as a side dish



      *If you cant find balsamic glaze. Make your own glaze with ¼ Cup of Balsamic Vinegar, 2 Tbsp of Olive Oil, ½ Tbsp of Honey, Salt and Pepper to taste.
      *Serve with rice dish or as side dish.


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      I really found your recipe for roasting balsamic mushrooms interesting, and since I have never consumed mushrooms are there any mushrooms better for me to use to prepare this recipe?

      Hi Jeff
      Swiss brown mushrooms are better for this recipe but you can also use button or any other mushrooms you like. Mushrooms are so good for you full of antioxidants essential vitamins and minerals.

      Hi Angee,
      I absolutely love your roast balsamic mushrooms recipe! It looks super yummy and healthy of course! I shall try it out over the weekend and let you know how I got on.

      Many thank for this amazing share.

      Hi Angee,

      These roast balsamic mushrooms are making my mouth water as I read through this recipe. I have Celiac Disease, so I am always on the lookout for delicious gluten-free food. I am excited to try these mushrooms. I also like how simple this recipe looks. I am not one for complicated recipes. Thank you for sharing this recipe.


      I hope you get around to try this recipe. Mushrooms are so good for you full of anti oxidant and essential vitamins and minerals.

      Wow, I had never thought something so simple could come out looking that delicious! I cant wait to try this as soon as I can get my hands on “coco aminos” (I have NO idea what that is). Thank you for such an awesome recipe!

      It is such a simple recipe packed with healthy goodies. Coco aminos is a soy like condiment sauce made from fermented coconut palm. It is gluten free and any alternative to soy sauce.

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