Wheatgrass: Nature’s Healer

Wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass is young wheat planted on the soil but not sown. Wheatgrass produces high concentrations of chlorophyll, active enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients. Chlorophyll makes up over 70% of the solid content of wheatgrass juice and is the basis of all plant life and contains 17 amino acids the building blocks of protein. It is often referred to as the “blood of plant life” and closely resembles the molecule of human red blood cells.

Wheatgrass is not only rich in chlorophyll: it has 100 elements needed by the body to keep vital and nourished. if grown in organic soil, wheatgrass absorbs 92 of the known 102 minerals from the soil

Wheatgrass can be used to detoxify and heal the body mind and spirit according to Dr. Ann Wigmore.  Wheatgrass is highly alkaline and high in nutrients, making it the perfect tool for a detox. The recommended daily allowance for wheatgrass is 30mls once or twice per day. You can start with as little as 10mls per day and gradually increase the dose. Wheatgrass if taken in large amounts can cause stomach upset if consumed too soon.

The Benefits of Wheatgrasswheatgrass

A large amount of chlorophyll found in wheatgrass helps the body:

1. Liquid chlorophyll found in wheatgrass washes drug deposits from the body.

2.  Chlorophyll neutralizes toxins in the body

3. Rich contents of Chlorophyll found in wheatgrass helps purify the liver

4. Chlorophyll improves helps with blood sugar problems

5. Wheatgrass is high in oxygen like all green plants that contain chlorophyll. This is beneficial because the brain and all body tissues function at an optimal level in a highly- oxygenated environment.

6. Wheatgrass juice improves digestion.

7. Wheatgrass can be used to treat skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. While no clinical studies have been conducted as yet to support this, many testimonials of home treatments with wheatgrass seem to prove this claim.

8.  Wheatgrass is nature’s healer loaded with so many nutrients that your body isn’t lusting for other foods to compensate for any lack of vitamins or minerals. Some common nutrient deficiencies — such as magnesium, iron, and omega-3s — can make you snack as your body searches for a source of these much-needed minerals. While the idea of your body searching for a precise food — such as chocolate when you’re magnesium-deficient — studies have shown that sugar cravings can often be linked to calcium and magnesium deficiencies, according to Nutritionist Benjamin Latto O’Brien of Nedlands Osteo Acu.  nedlandsosteoacu.com.au/

The benefits can be many to name just a few.

How To Use Wheatgrass

it doesn’t matter what your state of health is wheatgrass, by adding wheatgrass juice as part of your healthy eating is good practice to start with. Growing your own wheatgrass is also easy compared to store-bought product. Once you start growing your own you can start adding small amount daily to drinks smoothies or just plain shots. It is always better to consume it raw and fresh when all the enzymes are still alive for the maximum benefit.

Wheatgrass starter kit is purchased online for little money. You can get one here

Overall, by taking wheatgrass juice, one may feel an increase in strength and endurance, renewed health and spirituality, and experience an overall sense of well-being.

In conclusion, what I have learned from my experience is that this is an incredible immune system booster as your body cells are protected and ready to combat a disease for as long as you like. Hope this article is helpful in regards to what exactly is wheatgrass and how it can assist in actually eliminating the disease.

Take care of yourself.



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