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What is Health and Wellness Coaching?

Health and wellness coaching is a process in which a coach helps individuals improve their overall well-being and achieve their health goals, by helping them figure out where they are, where they want to go and how are they going to get there.  Coaches work with clients to create personalized goal-oriented plans focusing on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and overall lifestyle.

They provide support, encouragement, and accountability to help clients make sustainable changes and adopt healthier habits. Coaching sessions often involve setting specific goals, developing action plans, and tracking progress. The ultimate goal is to empower clients to take control of their health and make positive, lasting changes to improve their quality of life.

As your health and wellness coach, I’m here to guide and support your journey to a healthier, more vibrant you. Together, we’ll explore your personal goals that align with your values and challenges, and I’ll help you achieve your health and wellness aspirations.

The Process after the discovery call.

Wellness Questionnaire

Purpose: To establish a baseline of your current health and wellness status and identify areas for improvement.


  • Questions about diet, exercise, sleep, and stress levels.
  • Assessment of emotional well-being and mental health.
  • Evaluation of personal and professional life balance.
  • Inquiry into your current health practices and routines.

Initial Consultation

Duration: 60 minutes

  1. Review the Questionnaire: We’ll discuss your responses to understand your current health habits, challenges, and areas of concern.
  2. Develop a Wellness Vision: Define what you hope to achieve in terms of health and wellness. This includes long-term aspirations and the motivations behind them.
  3. Set Three-Month Goals: Establish clear, measurable, and realistic goals for three months. Identify potential obstacles and strategies to overcome them.
  4. Create Actionable Steps: Break down three-month goals into smaller, weekly or bi-weekly goals. Develop specific actions for each smaller goal to ensure continuous and manageable steps towards the larger objectives.

Follow-Up Sessions

Frequency: Bi-weekly or monthly, based on your preference and needs.

Session Activities:
  1. Progress Review: We evaluate your progress towards weekly or bi-weekly goals. Adjust the course of action as needed based on progress or any new challenges.
  2. Challenges Management: We will discuss any new or persistent barriers slowing your progress. Together brainstorm solutions or alternative ways to overcome these obstacles.
  3. Celebration of Achievements: Part of the process is to acknowledge and celebrate the milestones and successes achieved since the last session.
  4. Setting New Goals: New goals are set based on the current progress and feedback, set new short-term goals that align with your three-month objectives.

Program Options

12-Week Standard Program:

This program is designed for clients looking for comprehensive guidance and support to implement significant changes in their lifestyle and health behaviours. This program is ideal for achieving substantial transformation and integrating new habits.

Wellness Questionnaire Review:
  • I will discuss the client’s current health status, lifestyle, and areas for improvement.
  • Get an understanding of the client’s motivations and deeper reasons for seeking change.

Health and Wellness Assessment:

  • Evaluate dietary habits, physical activity levels, sleep patterns, stress levels, and mental well-being.
  • Identify strengths and areas of concern.

Goal Setting:

  • Define long-term wellness vision and specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for the next 12 weeks.
  • Establish initial three-month goals with clear outcomes.

4-Week Mini Program:

Tailored for individuals who either want a quick start to address specific goals or who prefer a brief trial period before committing to longer-term coaching. This is also suitable for clients who need targeted support to overcome a particular challenge.

Customizable Follow-Up Sessions:

The frequency and focus of follow-up sessions can be adjusted based on your progress, needs, and how independently you can manage and sustain new health behaviours.

By offering flexible program options and detailed, actionable steps at each stage of the coaching process, the approach ensures that you receive the necessary guidance and support tailored specifically to your unique health and wellness journey.

An example of clients who need targeted support to overcome a particular challenge.

Example Client: Emily

Background: Emily is a 35-year-old marketing manager in a busy corporate environment. Over the last year, she has noticed a gradual increase in her weight, primarily due to long working hours at work and frequent reliance on takeout meals. Additionally, the stress from her job has led to poor sleep patterns and a lack of consistent exercise. With her sister’s wedding coming up in two months, Emily is motivated to improve her appearance and overall health but feels overwhelmed about where to begin.

Specific Challenge: Emily’s immediate challenge is to kickstart a healthier lifestyle that she can maintain despite her demanding job. She has a specific weight loss goal in mind but needs help in developing a practical and sustainable plan to achieve it.

4-Week Short Program Approach:

Week 1: Assessment and Planning

  • Initial Consultation: Review Emily’s current eating habits, physical activity levels, and work-life balance. Discuss her health goals, particularly focusing on weight loss and stress management.
  • Goal Setting: Set a realistic weight loss goal for the next month, along with foundational steps toward long-term stress management.
  • Action Plan: Introduce simple dietary changes and a flexible 15-minute home exercise routine that fits her schedule.

Week 2: Implementation and Adjustment

  • Follow-up Session: Assess Emily’s progress on the diet and exercise plan. Address any challenges she’s facing, such as adjusting to new food choices or finding time for exercise.
  • Modify Plan: Make small adjustments based on Emily’s feedback—perhaps incorporating meal prep to avoid takeout and scheduling workouts in her calendar as non-negotiable appointments.

Week 3: Deepening the Habits

  • Second Follow-Up Session: Review the effectiveness of the meal prep strategy and consistency of workout routines. Explore ways to enhance sleep quality.
  • Enhance Plan: Introduce a short evening routine to improve sleep hygiene, including limiting screen time and creating a wind-down period.

Week 4: Preparation for Independent Continuation

  • Final Review Session: Evaluate Emily’s progress towards her weight loss goal and improvements in managing stress and sleep.
  • Long-Term Planning: Discuss strategies to maintain these new habits and how to cope with potential setbacks. Set preliminary goals for the next two months.

Outcome: Emily completes the 4-week program with a better understanding of how to manage her diet, exercise, and stress. She feels confident about continuing these practices on her own and is equipped with strategies to maintain her new lifestyle changes. The program helps her kickstart her weight loss journey and prepares her for her sister’s upcoming wedding, while also setting a foundation for sustained health improvements.

This example showcases how the 4-Week Short Program can provide targeted support tailored to a client’s specific needs, helping them overcome immediate challenges and paving the way for long-term wellness success.

Recurring Monthly Program

A recurring monthly program is ideal for clients who require ongoing support and motivation to sustain and build upon the health and wellness gains they have achieved. This program ensures continuity in coaching, allows for regular adjustment of strategies, and helps clients to effectively manage and adapt to life’s changes over time.

Recurring Monthly Program Structure

1. Monthly Focus Areas:

Each month, focus on a different aspect of wellness. For example:

  • Month 1: Nutrition and healthy eating habits.
  • Month 2: Physical activity and fitness routines.
  • Month 3: Stress management and mental wellness.
  • Month 4: Sleep quality and routines.
  • Month 5: Building resilience and maintaining motivation.
  • Month 6: Review and readdress all goals.
2. Monthly Consultations:

Schedule a detailed consultation session at the start of each month. During each session:

  • Assess Progress: Review the goals set the previous month, discuss achievements, and any challenges faced.
  • Set New Goals: Based on the assessment, set new, realistic goals for the upcoming month.
  • Educational Resources: Provide educational content relevant to the month’s focus, such as articles, or videos.
3. Bi-Weekly Check-ins:

Mid-month, have a shorter check-in via phone or video call to:

  • Monitor Progress: Ensures you stay on track with the month’s goals.
  • Troubleshoot Issues: Address any issues or barriers that have arisen, adjusting strategies as needed.
4. Continuous Resources:

Offer ongoing resources to support the client’s journey:

  • Access to Online Portal: Where clients can track their diet, exercise, and wellness data.
  • Weekly Newsletters: Tips, recipes, and motivation related to the monthly focus area.
  • Community Support: Access to a private online group or forum where clients can discuss their experiences and support each other.
5. Flexible Add-On Sessions:

Provide options for our clients to book additional sessions as needed for more in-depth support or specific issues, such as:

  • Dietary Consultation: A session with a nutritionist.
  • Fitness Coaching: Personal training sessions or specific exercise planning.
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques: Resources on meditation, yoga, or stress reduction techniques.
6. Regular Re-evaluation:

Every six months, we will go through a comprehensive review to evaluate the long-term progress, redefine the wellness vision, and set milestones for the next phase.

Benefits of a Recurring Monthly Program
  • Offers Consistency and Accountability: Regular interactions foster a consistent approach to wellness and keep your accountability strong.
  • Adapt: Allows clients to make adjustments based on changing personal circumstances, health status, or goals.
  • Regular Support: Provides ongoing support, which is crucial for maintaining and building upon initial successes.
  • Community and Belonging: This creates a sense of community for our clients, enhancing motivation through shared experiences and successes.

This program ensures you get the support you need until you are satisfied with reaching your goal. Below are the prices for the available programs.

PLEASE NOTE: Full payment is required on the day or before your session.



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